Bonjour from Paris!

Less than 2 hours after posting pictures of the completed sample last week, I boarded a plane to Paris.  I am traveling with my daughter, Julie, for 10 days before she heads off to college next month.

This is our first time in Europe and one of the things we’ve been looking forward to is visiting local markets.  So in anticipation I had made a small market bag.

WINK market bag

The bag is only 9 inches wide and 11 inches tall but it is a perfect size for me (don’t want to get tempted to buy a lot, you know?)k

I am using this market bag with special fondness as I made it out of Picot Mandala, one of many beautiful mandalas Marinke Slum (Wink) created.  I did not know her personally but had visited her blog and admired her gorgeous creations.  I’ve especially loved her color palettes as they always lifted my sprit whenever I saw them.  I had read about her difficulties in her previous bouts of depression but did not know the depth of her turmoil.  While the crochet world mourns the loss of such “a creative being”, her creations will continue to touch our hearts.  She will not be forgotten.

Market Bag with Wink’s Mandala

Wink has so many gorgeous mandalas available for purchase on her Ravelry Shop but I chose Picot Mandala as I thought the picots on the last round will be perfect for starting chain stitches for the bag.

Wink's MandalaI used this “Fibra Natura Flax” yarn (made in Turkey!) I had purchased from a cute little yarn shop, Gauge Knits, in Austin, Texas, during my daughter’s college orientation a month ago.  It is 100% linen in light worsted weight, and it has an interesting “waxy” feel that I thought would be perfect for a bag.  It came in 50 gram skeins (125 m each) and I used about 1.5 skeins for the bag.  I used a 3.50 mm hook.

After completing the mandala, this is what I did:

Wink bag row 1Round 1: slip stitch into a picot, *ch 4, sc in next picot*. Repeated * to * all the way around.  Fastened off.

Rounds 2 to 22: made a standing sc st in one of the 4-chain space, put a stitch marker on this sc so I knew where I started, *ch 4, sc in chain 4 space*.  Repeated * to * all the way around for 21 rounds.

Wink bag 2Rounds 23 to 25:  *ch 3, sc in chain space*.  Repeated * to * for 3 rounds.

Round 26: *ch 2, sc in chain space*.  Repeated * to *.

Round 27: 3 sc in each 2-chain space

Rounds 28-29: sc in each st

Then I made a handle by putting hdc in 7 st’s and repeating 7 hdc’s, flipping over and forth until it reached the length I liked (90 rows).

wink bag handleI fastened off the yarn and sewed the end of the strap (7 hdc’s) onto 7 sc’s on the other side of the bag with a needle.  I then put sc’s all the way around on one side of the bag (which will be row 30) and on one side of the strap (I put 2 sc’s per hdc, so a total of 180 sc’s per side of a handle).  Once I looped around, I fastened off, sewed in the ends, and then did the same thing for the other side of the bag and the strap.

French Market

And walking around markets and shops has been fun!  Here are just a few pictures from my walk around the beautiful city of Paris.imageIt was especially fun finding a local yarn shop, Lil Weasel.  I  always look for locally woven or dyed yarn when I travel so I was excited to pick up a couple of cotton.  I also could not resist buying a cute crochet book in French although I don’t speak or read the language.

imageimageNext Week

I am really enjoying seeing everyone’s posts about their center squares on FB CAL – Crochet A Long and Ravelry Around-the-Bases groups (and I love everyone is so supportive of each other!). So I decided I want to crochet along with a new center block, come August 9!  I am going to work on turning Wink’s mandala into a square with my new favorite, Scheepjes Linen Soft.  I will show y’all what I come up with when I return next week.  Until then, crochet on, folks (yep, our next stop is London for 3 days)!


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