Cotton Field

Yesterday, I woke up and could smell the beginning of autumn in the air.  It was such a refreshing feeling after months of scorching summer here in Texas.  I am excited we are having more days with temperature below 90 F (@32 C) degrees than above now.

This means cotton harvesting is about to end in my neck of the woods.  I live in a suburb, right in the middle of a triangle of Dallas, Austin, and Houston.  The town now has over 100,000 residents and actually becomes the 4th congested town in Texas on college football game days (#4 in the Best College Football Towns!).  But we are still considered pretty rural with lots of farmland around us.  There are a lot of dairy farming as well as vegetable farming such as corn, potatoes, and peanuts.

And from late August to the end of September, cotton starts harvesting in the area.

Moore Cotton Field

Since all Texas farmers own big guns (truth), I have always admired cotton fields afar from road sides.  But earlier this week, I had a chance to visit an Aggie-owned ranch about 10 miles (@16 km) away from my house.

Moore Ranch of the Brazos

Moore Ranch grows cotton in thousands of acres.Cotton Field Moore 2015Cotton Side by Side

Aren’t they just beautiful?  I felt so warm and fuzzy after visiting the farm.  So after I came home, I finished the 8th inning on this cotton mix.

Week 8 Stone Washed

You may remember her from the 2nd inning (see when she was little here).  It is made with Stone Washed courtesy of Scheepjes.  It has just the right mix of cotton and acrylic (78% Cotton, 22% Acrylic) to give a squishy warm feel without making it too thick or too warm.  It crochets beautifully and has become my favorite yarn.

  • Colors: Corundum Ruby (808), Garnet (810), Deep Amethyst (811), Moon Stone (801), Canada Jade (806), Rose Quarts (820), New Jade (819), Lilac Quarts (818)
  • Hook: 4.00 mm
  • Center Block: 4 panels of Kata (pattern by Penny Davidson) – total copy cat of a talented crocheter, Gerrie from FB CAL – Crochet A Long group

Speaking of this wonderful yarn, I see Summer Mosaic Afghan CAL by  Julie Yeager is now complete.  It was a mystery CAL but now that it is over, you can see her finished beautiful afghan on her Ravelry group.  This sure will be one of my next projects!


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