Extra sneak peek for the 12th Inning

A couple of weeks ago I received a delightful note from Charmaine who lives in Australia that her ATB CAL, finished to the 8th inning, won 2nd prize in her local show!  (She also won the 1st prize with her Sophie and 3rd for another hexagonal blanket.) I asked her to show us her updated ATB and tell us a little about herself.  I hope you enjoy “meeting” Charmaine as much as I did!  Here is her beautiful work and a little bit of sneak peek for the 12th inning.


“I have been crocheting for roughly 55 years now having been taught by my mom as a young girl.  I have always done basic granny square blankets and numerous doilies.   I had a long break from crocheting with other interests.  Over the past 5 months I have rekindled my passion firstly with “Sophie” by Dedri Uys and more recently I have discovered the ATB by ChiChi Allen.   I have discovered so many new stitches I have never attempted before.  My dear departed mom would be so proud and in awe of what I am now doing.    Before I discovered the CCC Official Crochet Group and the CAL-Crochet a Long I did not realise that crochet is alive and well and being practiced by such a wide variety of age groups all over the world.  Long live the Art of Crochet – thanks to all the wonderful designers.  In particular thank you ChiChi for asking me to feature my ATB which is a WIP”

Thank YOU, Charmaine, for sharing your beautiful work and love of crochet!

Note: Both groups she mentions are on Facebook.


3 comments on “Extra sneak peek for the 12th Inning

  1. isabelle.jannel
    October 24, 2015

    Voici lemien partie 10 This is my ATB Isabelle jannel Merci



  2. Cynthia Smith
    October 24, 2015

    You have done a fantastic job. Beautiful colors combo. No one would look at this and not think you were an old hand at our craft.


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