Friends Around the World CAL Week 5 – Textured Heart Square by Emily

The week 5 of the Friends Around the World CAL is a very unique Textured Heart Square by Emily Franks.  Emily designed the Star Wars Mystery CAL last year and was the very first featured designer of the Facebook group, CAL – Crochet A Long.  I am not a big SciFi fan so I did not join the CAL but was intrigued by the looks of the afghan that reminded me of Tunisian crochet.

I must admit the instructions look a bit different from what I am used to and I was initially intimidated.  But once I got going, I LOVED it!  The technique was definitely something new to me and I am so glad that I gave it a try.

FATW Week 5.jpg

Emily gives us 2 methods to complete the pattern.  I actually tried both and liked the second “alternate” method better, mostly because I don’t like weaving in ends…

I do have a few tips for this square:

  • Read the entire instructions thoroughly!  Even if you are following the second method, read through the original method as it gives you directions on how and where to make stitches.
  • Watch your tension or use bigger hooks.  The background (?) is made of single crochet (sc) stitches, which I tend to make tightly.  I have been using a 4.5 mm hook on my Scheepjes Colour Crafter yarn but for this square, I went up to 5.5 mm and it was still too small!  My chains are even tighter than my sc’s so I made my base chains with a 6.00 mm hook and chains measured 8 inches.  I switched to a 5.5. mm for the body of the square and when I measured the block after the 6th row, it has shrunk to 6.5 inches wide.  At the end, I ended up adding a wider boarder than indicated on the pattern to make it a 8.5 inch square.
  • I got confused whether I was working on the front or back of an afghan sometimes and had to remind myself that as a right-handed crocheter, when my yarn “tail” was on the right hand side, I was working on the right side of the afghan, thus needed to make stitches on the back loops.
  • The first X was made from the back side on the 16th stitch of the row.  So I made 15 sc’s, then reached back to the front of the afghan to make the long dc, and made 15 more sc’s.  I counted sc’s each row and made sure I had an equal number of sc’s on both sides of the X’s.

And my biggest advice is – give it a try!!  My square turned out really cute and I am so glad that I learned something totally new this week!!

Friends around the World CAL –  you can find links to all the patterns for this CAL here.


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