LYS field trip – Alpaca

Last week, I took a field trip with a local little yarn shop, WC Mercantile in Navasota, TX. Navasota is nothing to write home about (sorry, locals…) and I had actually never visited its downtown in 10 years I’ve lived in College Station (20 minutes away).  But last fall, a friend took me there during Hill Country Yarn Crawl and I have since been very smitten by the quality of yarn they carry, super helpful and friendly staff, and the variety of yarn-related activities that the shop supports.

WC m.jpg

They offer a very interesting line-up of classes.  I’ve taken a few including knitting classes with Knit Purl Hunter (which by the way were fabulous, I ended up taking a couple).  And this month, they had a “class” which was a field trip to a local alpaca farm, Bluebell Hills Alpaca Ranch and a yarn dyeing class.  And oh my goodness, I had the best day ever!

The owners of Bluebell Hills Alpaca Ranch are retired educators and as you might imagine, they were great at teaching the visitors all about different types of alpacas, fiber each kind produces, care of the animals, etc., etc.  We got to pet them and touch how different fibers feel and learned how they traveled to Texas.  The owners know all the alpacas by their names and speak so lovingly of them that by the end of the visit many of us wanted to take some home!

Alpaca 2

Don’t you want one too?


Their natural colors are pretty as they are.

Alpaca yarnBut they also kettle dye them at the ranch.  I love blue, turquoise, and purples!  (I think these fat fibers are for spinning, which I keep telling myself that I need to stay away from…)Alpaca 3.jpg

Sadly, I could not take an alpaca in my Prius so I bought one skein in blue and one of these cute stuffed alpaca toy.

Alpaca 4

Next week, I will share the afternoon of our field trip, where we returned to WC Mercantile and dyed our own yarn.


2 comments on “LYS field trip – Alpaca

  1. Shannon Martin
    April 26, 2016

    That is a very unique last name “Lys”. It is my mother-in-law’s maiden name, she is from Bryan/College Station. I would be interested to know if you are related.


    • ChiChi
      May 8, 2016

      Oh, sorry, LYS stands for little yarn shop. The lovely shop is in Navasota, just sough of BCS.


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