LYS Field Trip – Yarn Dye

Last week, I wrote about the little field trip I took with a local yarn shop (LYS), WC Mercantile in Navasota, TX. I signed up for the workshop mainly because I wanted to see alpacas at Bluebell Hills Alpaca Ranch and did not even know that the field trip included an afternoon class on yarn dyeing.

I love buying locally dyed yarn when I travel but it has never occurred to me to try dyeing yarn myself.  So I was pleasantly surprised that I really really really enjoyed learning how to dye yarn.

It was a lot easier than I had imagined and so much fun!

Yarn Dye 4Of course, it helped that the shop spoiled us by preparing the yarn.  They were soaked in vinegar water when we arrived.

Yarn Dye 2

They also had all the dye colors mixed for us (we used Jacquard acid dyes).  We tried them out on a piece of paper towel and chose colors we liked.

Yarn Dye 5

Many people chose multiple colors – they looked so fun!

Yarn Dye 6

I stayed with a single color, as I could not think of what I would make with a multi-colored yarn.

Yarn Dye 7

After hand painting (which just meant squishing dye into the yarn), we rolled them up like cinnamon rolls and heat set them in a microwave.

Yarn Dye 3

This took some time as we had to heat up just for a couple of minutes and then cool off so not to felt the yarn.  After a few rounds of heat-up and cool-off periods, we rinsed them off and hang them up to dry.

Yarn Dye 9

And just like that, I got my own very first hand-dyed yarn!

Yarn Dye 8

I had so much fun that I am already signed up for their next yarn dyeing class.  This time we will be learning how to dye yarn using natural ingredients.  I can hardly wait!


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