Caron Cakes Craze!

This past weekend, my Facebook newsfeed got flooded with the news of Caron Cakes, and of course I had to go check them out at my local Michaels.


They come in 18 beautiful color combinations.

They are all gorgeous so it was hard to pick one colorway but I just *had to* buy one in the color called Faerie Cake.

Don’t you think it worked up beautifully on Helen Shrimpton‘s Moon’s Shadow square?

Moon's Shadow

I only bought one because it is worsted weight yarn and I usually find worsted weight too heavy for our Texas weather.  But 1 skein was just a little short of finishing this beautiful pattern, so back to the Michael’s I went.

But, surprisingly but not too surprisingly, they were out of some colors already, including the Faerie Cake color!


So what is a girl supposed to do?  Pick other colors, right?  And this time I had to buy more than 1 skein.

Caron Cakes

Caron Cakes Specifications:

  • worsted weight (suggested hook size: 5.0 mm)
  • 200 g / 7.1 oz
  • 383 yards / 350 m
  • 80% acrylic, 20% wool
  • Hand wash (yikes!)
  • $7.99 US per skein

First impressions:

I used a Clover Armour 5.5 mm hook and the yarn slid smoothly.  It is a very soft yarn without being too flimsy.  I almost wish it was 100% acrylic so I don’t have to handwash it. I pulled from the center and it pulled out nicely.  But in retrospect, I should have studied the color order and worked in a way it crocheted from a darker color to a lighter color (so from outside to inside for the Faerie Cake color).  Also, colors change abruptly (not gradient color change).   This was not a huge issue for me as the pattern called for fastening yarn off on some rounds and I just made my color changes then.   So I guess the real advantage of Caron Cakes for me was having the colors preselected and I didn’t have to buy different colors separately.

I am thinking of doing another Moon’s Shadow in the blues (called Blueberry Cheesecake – yum!) and turn it into an Around-the-Bases afghan.  I might try the upcoming Demezla crochet-along with Esther in the pink one (called Cherry Chip).

What are your plans for this fun and gorgeous yarn?



10 comments on “Caron Cakes Craze!

  1. litlbits2016
    August 21, 2016

    Interesting that the color changes worked out so nicely in that Moon Shadow Square! or did you “plan” and work the colors intentionally? Would be nice to know how long each color run is…there are times that I, too, would prefer the gradient changes instead of the rather sudden color difference…but that’s just me.
    Just curious how it worked out for this particular square? would you mind sharing? Because in this example, it’s PERFECT!


    • ChiChi
      August 21, 2016

      I actually fastened off when color change was near. The pattern calls for fastening off in many rounds, so it was okay for me. I think if I try some other patterns like corner to corner, I may just let the colors change on their own. Can’t wait to hear what you’ll try it on!


      • Terri castillo
        September 5, 2016

        I did a star and shawl…I let the colors just keep going. Love it.


  2. Cara Young
    August 22, 2016

    I purchased “red velvet” and was careful to make sure one skein works into the next. I’m doing a sophie. At first the color change was ugly to me (it happens in the middle of a round no matter what I do) now that I’m further into the pattern, it doesn’t look so obvious. Thank you for sharing your project and thoughts. It was helpful. I may stick with this yarn yet. 🙂


    • ChiChi
      August 31, 2016

      Color change does grow on you, doesn’t it? I can just imagine how pretty your Sophie is growing!


  3. Julie Sanderlin
    August 22, 2016

    Please, please, please post pics of you use it for Demelza. I have gone back and forth on Demelza. It’s so gorgeous, but I think I want another color scheme. SCARY!!!!!

    But the chance to work another piece with Esther … AWESOME.

    I’m weighing options, at any rate (and obviously not starting the CAL on time).


    • ChiChi
      August 31, 2016

      I just started Demezla and love the pattern! I could not pick colors for the pattern myself so I am glad that Caron Cake has colors that work well already put together.


  4. Joyce Long
    August 30, 2016

    Hi, there are people on facebook that said they put theirs in the washer and dryer and it did fine. No shrinking.


    • ChiChi
      August 31, 2016

      I posted a brief report on Facebook too but am glad to hear that maybe machine washing is working for other people, too.


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