Crochet for the Home – In Bloom

Have y’all followed Mijo Crochet’s In Bloom crochet along (CAL)?  I don’t usually join a mystery CAL but when I saw the first couple of parts of this beautiful cushion CAL, I knew I wanted to make a chair cover for my ensuite bathroom.  My husband and I just built our house in the country and our master bath was one that I was really excited about – I incorporated the Japanese ofuro style where the tub and shower are in the same enclosed space.  master

The designer, Johanna, used Scheepjes Cantona which offers whooping 106 colors and I was excited to find colors from our ensuite.  I chose one 50g skein each of Bridal White, Primrose (yellow), Chrystaline (light turquoise), Tropic (darker turquoise), and Moon Rock (brown) and five 50g skeins of Champagne (beige).  (You can find the amount of yarn used per color on my Ravelry project page.)

For the chair, I wanted a stool to sit on when I come out of the shower and get dressed, so I chose NILS Stool from IKEA for its simple design and price.

And this is how it turned out!!!


The pattern was joy to work with and I followed it for Weeks #1-4.  After Week 4, my square almost fit the top of the chair so at the beginning of Week 5, I skipped Row 36, Row 37, and Row 40 and ended up with a single row of yellow, white, and brown.

In Bloom week 4.jpgSides of the chair were made with NO corner increases as follows:

  • Worked Rows 41-45 – skipped corner increases
  • (Repeat Rows 18 & 19 – skipped corner increases) 3 times (in yellow, white, brown)
  • (DC row and SC row) 7 times in beige
  • (Repeat Rows 18 & 19 – skipped corner increases) 4 times (in yellow, white, & 2 repeats of brown)
  • Finished with 2 rows of sc’s in beige


I think the side panels would have been better if they were a little tighter (maybe a couple of stitches less per side?) but I love how it turned out nonetheless!


I really love this pattern! I know I will be making it as a cushion and it will be pretty as a center block for Around-the-Bases afghan, too!

Big thanks to the designer, Johanna, who kindly gave me a permission to write out my modifications here.


5 comments on “Crochet for the Home – In Bloom

  1. mijocrochet
    February 20, 2017

    Love your version of the pattern 👌🏻💙✨


  2. lucyannluna
    February 20, 2017

    Very pretty


  3. Margaret Krueger
    February 21, 2017

    Spectacular! I love it!!!


  4. Sofie
    February 22, 2017



  5. lynnettelau
    September 8, 2017

    Fab ChiChi!! Shared in FB CAL group. 💜


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