Tropical Delight pattern now has Esther’s video tutorial!

For Week 8 of the Nuts About Squares crochet-along, Esther from It’s All in a Nutshell created a video tutorial for the Tropical Delight pattern.

You may recall that I used this as my center block for my Around-the-Bases afghan sample. It is uniquely gorgeous but it was not an easy pattern to follow. But fear no more! Esther, who also provided video tutorials for my Around-the-Bases / ATB CAL, has published a video tutorial and made this beautiful pattern so crochetable for all of us.

Click here for the video tutorial by Esther

Click here for the written pattern

A little history of Tropical Delight:

This beautiful pattern was designed by Susan Stevens and was originally published in More Herrschners Blue-Ribbon Afghans in 2006. The pattern book has since gone off print but Mellie from Mellie Blossoms bravely contacted the publisher and received permission to reproduce it. Then Laurel from Laurel’s Place worked on photo tutorials. I love how Susan and the publisher were so generous to allow for reproduction and Mellie and Laurel pioneered in getting this lovely pattern attention it deserves!

A little tip for Around-the-Bases:

If you want to try Tropical Delight as your center block for Around-the-Bases afghan, I recommend that you add securing stitches on Rounds 2 and/or 3 on the back of the petals. You can do this however you like – I [threaded my yarn around the bottom of each petal (along ch-5/7 spaces where you put dc’s that make up each petal) and secured it somewhere close after each petal] x 2 on Rounds 2 and 3. This helps with preventing the petals from being pulled from the weight of the afghan later.

Whether you are working on the NAS CAL or Around-the-Bases, I hope you will give this beauty a try! It is challenging but very fun to make.

Check out all the gorgeous samples on the Ravelry page.

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