Yoga Flower – Friends Around the World (FATW) CAL 3

Howdy!  I hope everyone is following the fabulous Friends Around the Word CAL 3 organized by CAL – Crochet A Long on Facebook!  I am so honored to be able to present my new Yoga Flower pattern as their Week 26 design.

Yoga Flowers

Yoga Flower – with leaves (left) & without leaves (right)

This design is inspired by my 73-year-old mom who always keeps beautiful flowers in her tiny garden in the suburb of Tokyo, Japan and who picked up yoga in her 60s. I am especially stoked that my pattern is being released on the Mother’s Day week!

The pattern is slightly challenging but Tania has helped with a great video tutorial you can find here.

As you can see, I have created 2 versions – one with leaves and one without.  One with leaves is a little more advanced but I hope you like how they both look!

The motif can be made with any weight yarn and corresponding size hook of your choice.  The samples above are created with my favorite yarn, Scheepjes Stone Washed, with a 4.0 mm hook.  It is a little skinnier than DK weight yarn, so my samples measure 8.5 inches across. I used the following colors for my sample:

  • Moon Stone (801)
  • Amazonite (813)
  • Blue Apatite (805)
  • New Jade (812)

Some other popular options for this pattern used and measured:

  • Worsted yarn & 5.5 mm hook – 12 inches
  • DK yarn & 4.5 mm hook – 9 inches

Please note that the pattern is written in US crochet terms.

Are you ready?  Please visit the free pattern on Ravelry here.

I hope y’all enjoy the pattern and the rest of the beautiful motifs for the Friends Around the World (FATW) 3 CAL.

A little bit of back story for a laugh…

For those of you who might be interested…  I came up with the pattern when I was in my favorite, most comfortable yoga pants.  Here you can see my earlier prototype and what I am talking about…


Yoga Flower PInk

Earlier version of Yoga Flower – May not be exactly the same as the final pattern.



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