Around-the-Bases CAL

Welcome!  Around-the-Bases is a crochet stitch sampler that turns YOUR favorite center block into an afghan.  It can be made with any square or rectangle motif, using any yarn weight.   Here are all the information you need to get started and going on this fun project!

Links to all the patterns – 

PDF print button as well as links to the video tutorial, UK term pattern, and Dutch translation can be found at the bottom of each inning.

Please note due to the nature of the pattern, some of the “innings” required 2 slightly different instructions. The different sets of instructions were referred to as “teams”. Which “team” one needed to follow depends on that inning’s starting stitch count.

Pattern Use:

Please enjoy the finished projects you make with this pattern in any way you wish. However, if you sell the finished project using the Around-the-Bases pattern, please clearly display the pattern credit to ChiChi Allen However, please do not use any part of the pattern, including my pictures, to promote your sales.

The paid pattern is for use by one person only and may not be shared/distributed in hard copies or digitally. Re-writing, reproducing, copying, incorporating, or distributing of the pattern in part or whole is prohibited.

Special thanks

CAL Crochet A Long Facebook group – they kindly hosted the CAL on Facebook in 2015 and continued to support tens of thousand crocheters around the world!

Esther of It’s All in a Nutshell – she created all the video tutorials and translated the pattern into Dutch.

Lynnette – she converted all the patterns to UK terms.

Testers – I am forever grateful for the group of testers who now became my dear friends 🙂

Scheepjes Yarn – they generously donated some of the yarns featured on this blog.  Cotton 8 continues to be my favorite yarn of all times!


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